We invite you to visit MROH in Haiti. For only $200 plus airfare, you can help us reach out to the poorest children in the western hemisphere.

If you sponsor a child through MROH, you can meet your child and their family personally. The $200 includes food, lodging, and travel in country.

Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference in the lives of poor haitian children. For more information and an application, please call or write us at:

Mission Reach Out Haiti
Southampton Full Gospel Church
P.O. Box 126, 130 County Rd. 39
Southampton, NY 11969
Ph. 631-283-6829
Fax. 631-283-6846
Email- haiti@missionreachout.org

Earthquake Update

We survived the recent quake in Haiti and are currently Rebuilding to repair damage to our site.

As Always your Prayers, Donations and Assistance in any manner are greatly appreciated.