Over 1400 Haitian Children are being educated at our mission school through a government approved curriculum. Our current school consists of grades K - 8. The school has its own National Director, and 22 Haitian professors who exceed the state's minimum education requirement for teaching. Each child has his or her own computerized database which contains all of their personal information, current school grades and attendance. Grades and attendance are regularly analyzed to continuously improve the quality of education that each student receives at MROH.
Future Goals:

A. Education Goals

     1. High School
     2. Adult Literacy
     3. Computer Training School

B. Nutritional Goal:

     1. Satellite Feeding Stations

C. Spiritual Goals:

     1. Church Planting
     2. Bible School

Earthquake Update

We survived the recent quake in Haiti and are currently Rebuilding to repair damage to our site.

As Always your Prayers, Donations and Assistance in any manner are greatly appreciated.