Rev. Donald Havrilla, Pastor of the Southampton Full Gospel Church and Founder of Mission Reach Out Haiti.

The main purpose of MROH is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Despite the pain and suffering we may endure on earth, the only way to eternal life is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through Christian education, these poor children are being delivered from the hundreds of years of oppression that has resulted from Haiti's national religion, "Voo Doo". The superstition that results from Voo Doo contributes to the health problems and irrational fears that these poor children suffer. For example, it is not uncommon for a family who has an ill child with typhoid, malaria, or diarrhea to spend what little food money they have to give to a witch doctor. The witch doctor usually gives the sick child a small fetish and a repetitious chant for their parents to recite in the hope that the evil spirits will leave the child.

The mission church has a National pastor and serves as a light in an otherwise dark and dismal land.

Earthquake Update

We survived the recent quake in Haiti and are currently Rebuilding to repair damage to our site.

As Always your Prayers, Donations and Assistance in any manner are greatly appreciated.